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Invisalign For Teens – Marquette, MI

Invisalign Treatment Specially Designed For Teens

At Orthodontic Specialists of Marquette, we know that being a teenager can be tough! It's a stage of life where you're not quite comfortable in your own skin and feel extra self-conscious about the way you look. And while every teen wants a smile that looks great, wearing metal braces isn't exactly appealing. Fortunately, there are more orthodontic choices today than ever before, including incredibly discreet options like Invisalign. And since teenagers face a unique set of challenges when it comes to straightening their teeth, Invisalign has designed a special program called Invisalign Teen that meets their needs perfectly. If you're interested in Invisalign Teen in Marquette and would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Fulks, contact our office today!

How Does Invisalign Teen Work?

Young woman holding up an Invisalign tray

Invisalign works for many different alignment problems, including overbites, underbites, crowding, gaps, and more. However, the first step is a consultation so we can make sure your teen gets the best results possible. If there are severe issues to correct, we may recommend traditional braces.

After we've determined that Invisalign is the best choice, it takes just a couple of visits to begin treatment. Here's what your teen can expect: 

  • We'll begin by taking digital impressions that the Invisalign lab will use to custom-make your teen's clear aligners. These impressions also allow us to show you virtual results and give you an estimate of treatment time.
  • It typically takes about 3 weeks to get the clear aligner trays from the lab, at which point you'll return for a second visit.
  • We'll deliver the first set of trays and provide detailed instructions for wearing and maintaining them. In many cases, we'll also need to put temporary, tooth-colored “attachments” or "buttons" on the teeth. These anchor the trays and help them apply pressure in the right places.  
  • Then your teen will leave our office wearing their first set of trays and will move to a new set every two weeks.

Throughout the treatment process, it's very important that your teen wears the trays at least 20-22 hours per day to get their results on time. You'll also return every 6-8 weeks for progress visits to make sure treatment is going as planned.

What Are the Benefits of Invisalign Teen?

Close-up image of a clear aligner tray

The most obvious advantage of Invisalign for teens is that they don't have the embarrassment of wearing metal braces. But there are many other important benefits as well:

  • Better oral hygiene and fewer cavities – Even without the added difficulty of braces, many teens struggle with their brushing and flossing habits. Wearing metal braces only makes it harder, potentially leading to major cavities. With Invisalign, your teen will find it much easier to maintain good oral hygiene.
  • Fewer visits – Traditional braces usually require progress visits every 4 weeks. With Invisalign, you'll only need to come in every 6-8 weeks. In addition, you won't need to come in for any emergency visits for broken wires or brackets.
  • No food restrictions – In metal braces, many teenagers have a hard time avoiding certain foods and wind up eating something hard or crunchy that breaks their brackets. With Invisalign, they can eat what they want without worry.
  • Comfort – Smooth aligner trays won't irritate your teen's lips and cheeks or present a danger during athletic activities.

How Does Invisalign Teen Differ From Invisalign For Adults?

Smiling teenage boy in front of gray background

There are a couple of key ways Invisalign Teen in Marquette differs from Invisalign for adults:

  • Blue indicator dot for compliance - Teens usually have a harder time committing to wearing their trays for the recommended 20-22 hours each day, so Invisalign developed a way to monitor their compliance. Each tray includes a blue dot that fades over time, letting Dr. Fulks know that they've been wearing them as instructed.
  • Extra replacement trays - Even adults lose their trays sometimes, often by not storing them in their case during meals and accidentally throwing them away. Teens are even more likely to lose or damage their trays, so Invisalign Teen includes 6 replacement trays at no extra charge.

Invisalign has given over 6 million patients fantastic results (both teens and adults). If your teen wants to straighten their smile as discreetly as possible and you'd like to schedule a consultation, give us a call today!

Invisalign Teen FAQ’s

If you’re considering a more aesthetically appealing solution for straightening your teen’s smile, Invisalign Teen is the solution! This amazing service is comfortable and discreet, making it perfect for your son or daughter. Many parents have questions about this treatment, which is why we’ve included the answers to some FAQ’s for Invisalign for teens in Marquette. Read on to satisfy your curiosity about this increasingly popular service.

How Can Parents Ensure Their Teens Are Wearing Their Aligners?

Invisalign aligners are clear, which is why it may seem hard for parents to notice when their teens are actually wearing them. However, Invisalign Teen aligning trays come complete with a small blue dot on them, which wears away with use. This is a great way for parents and orthodontists to tell how often children are wearing the aligners.

What Happens If My Teen Loses an Aligner?

We all know that accidents happen, but with teens, it seems like they’re much more frequent. Many kids can end up losing or even accidentally throwing away their aligners. Thankfully, Invisalign Teen comes with more replacement trays than traditional Invisalign, giving parents and their kids peace of mind during the treatment process. If they do lose one, call our office if you’re unsure which aligner to replace it with.

How Much Does Invisalign Teen Cost?

The cost of your teen’s Invisalign will depend on numerous factors, which is why it’s hard to provide a precise estimate without examining their smile first. Primarily, their misalignment will drive the price of treatment. Teens with more severe misalignment may need longer treatment, which requires more aligning trays, adding to the overall cost. The best way to receive an estimate is to schedule a consultation for your loved one. Dr. Potocki will carefully examine your teen’s smile before developing a personalized treatment plan with a better idea of the overall cost.

How Long Will My Teen Need to Wear Their Aligners?

The time it takes for your teen to complete their treatment will depend on their specific smile as well as their commitment to the process. Most Invisalign Teen cases take between a year and 18 months, and on average, clear aligners tend to shift teeth faster than traditional braces. That said, failing to wear aligners or even forgetting to put them in for one day can set your teen’s treatment time back dramatically. That’s why it’s important that your son or daughter wears their aligners for at least 20 to 22 hours a day.

Are you ready to get your teen started on a clear and comfortable option for straight teeth? Call our office today to set up an appointment!