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Phase One Pediatric Orthodontics

for Developing, Growing Smiles

As soon as a child’s first teeth start to come in, they can begin to develop alignment problems. Left untreated, this could mean that they need to spend years in braces, and in the most extreme cases, corrective surgery might be the only solution to help their teeth and mouth look and function normally. Fortunately, this need for extensive orthodontics can easily be avoided by addressing small problems early.

At Orthodontic Specialists of Marquette, we’re able to use what is called Phase One Pediatric Orthodontics to correct issues in the baby teeth and prevent ones for the adult teeth so every child can grow up to have the perfectly straight and healthy smile they deserve.

The Need for Early-Age Orthodontics

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The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children should have a full orthodontic evaluation by age 7. Why? Because at this stage of development, an orthodontist is able to do three important things:

  • Identify current alignment issues in the baby teeth and jaws
  • Spot the signs of problems that could develop in the future
  • Correct any current misalignments to lessen and even avert further problems

Many parents end up ignoring crooked baby teeth because they assume a child will simply “grow out of it” as they fall out and the adult teeth emerge. In reality, the alignment of the baby teeth is extremely important to how straight (or not) the adult teeth come in. The baby teeth basically create the path for the adult teeth, so if that path is crooked, the incoming teeth will be, too.

A child’s baby teeth are also essential to the development of their jaws, and to an extent, their airway. Crooked baby teeth could lead to an underdeveloped dental arch (roof of the mouth), which in turn makes it difficult for a child to eat, speak, or even breathe properly while sleeping.

How Phase One Pediatric Orthodontics Work

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Despite all of these issues sounding rather dire, they can be easily corrected or avoided altogether by fixing problems in the baby teeth. This will help the adult teeth come in straighter and also guide the growth of the jaw so a child has a properly functioning airway. To do this, we apply what is called Phase One Pediatric Orthodontics.

It all starts with a brief exam with Dr. Fulks in which he’ll look at your child’s teeth and jaws, and he may choose to take some X-rays as well so he can get a look at their developing adult teeth. Depending on your child’s needs, he may have them wear a removable oral appliance designed to guide their incoming adult teeth, or he might place a device that is intended to break bad habits that can throw off the development of the mouth (i.e. thumb/digit sucking or tongue thrusting).

After your child receives their device or appliance, Dr. Fulks will regularly check them to monitor their progress. After a year or so, he’ll remove it, giving your child’s mouth time to “rest” before determining if they need Phase 2 Orthodontics, which will likely consist of something like traditional braces.

By addressing any problems your child might have early, we can straighten their current smile while safeguarding the health of their incoming one. Not only does this approach help improve a child’s overall appearance, but it’s also great for parents because they won’t have to invest in as much orthodontic care later!

Come See Us Today!

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If your child is 7 or older and they haven’t been in for an orthodontic evaluation yet, now is the time to schedule it. And, if your child already has noticeably crooked teeth, jaws, or oral function problems, you should bring them to see us even before age 7. By treating them early, we can basically make everyone’s lives easier in the process! Your child will be happier, healthier, and you’ll save untold dollars as well. To us, that’s a win for everyone!

To learn more about early-age orthodontics or schedule your child’s consultation, contact us today.